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Popular Theatre Podcast Returns For Fourth Season - Script In Hand Podcast

Think of a book club, but it’s play scripts instead of books. That sound’s nice, doesn’t it? Picking up a play and discussing it. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, then Script in Hand is the podcast for you, and that good news is that it is now back for its fourth series, beginning September 1st.

Script in Hand, co-founded by friends and theatre directors Lexie Ward and Meg Robinson, launched in April 2020, gaining an international following with each episode focusing on a different script.

The podcast has proved a hit with theatre fans and playwrights across the board. Tuning into an episode about her play ‘A Museum in Baghdad’, playwright Hannah Khahil referred to the podcast as ‘thoughtful and enthusiastic’ with Morgan Lloyd Malcolm tweeting that the show about ‘Emilia’ was ‘a lovely episode. It gave me all the feels.’

Season 4 will highlight 12 new plays including ‘The History Boys’ by Alan Bennett, ‘Chewing Gum Dreams’ by Michaela Coel and ‘A Very Expensive Poison’ by Lucy Prebble and many more. Episode 2 of this series will include a guest appearance by playwright Amy Trigg discussing her play ‘Reasons You Should(n’t) Love Me’.

More special guests on season 4 include Matthew Xia, Artistic Director and Joint CEO of Actors Touring Company and writer/performer Michelle Payne, discussing the inner workings of her play ‘Squad Goals’ which celebrates women’s football.

This season also comes with a new subscription service and merchandise. Listeners will be able to tune into exclusive episodes, before the general release, listen to rare footage, access behind the scenes content, and submit ideas for season 5 and beyond.

Lexie Ward has said ‘We are thrilled to be back with our fourth series. This time last year we were just about to launch and 7000 downloads later, we’re back with a new batch of amazing plays to discuss and special guests to talk theatre with!’

Meg Robinson adds ‘We never imagined we would be in our fourth season of the podcast; we are so pleased with how well the podcast has been received. It’s very humbling to hear that we have received over 7000 downloads, especially when we’re doing something we love so much. It’s broadened my knowledge of the diversity of plays that are out there, and I hope that listeners also feel this way. The podcast really is a love letter to playwrights’.

Script in Hand is available across all podcasting platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts and you can follow on Twitter and Instagram


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