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Community Hubs Matter - Support The Trinity Theatre

It’s no secret that most of the attention and, in turn, audience attendance, goes to the bigger and perhaps better known large theatrical venues but up and down the country there are smaller theatres and performance spaces that are not only a hub for creativity but also a hub for their local communities. As the world opens up again, as people get used to going out again and as the cost-of-living crisis hits, these smaller venues are struggling to keep afloat more than ever. Times are tight, and people have to tighten the purse strings, meaning that they may not be able to afford to go out to the theatre, meaning that these venues are facing hardship.

The Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells is just one of these venues, and recently they have launched a fundraising campaign to help them face the difficulties so that they can continue to be a space not only for productions and cinema but as a social location for the community.

Described as ‘The cultural heart of Tunbridge Wells’, The Trinity Theatre is a performance venue, a cinema, a restaurant, and a community space.

Having been lucky enough to see a production of ‘The New Musketeers’ at the Trinity Theatre last year, I can speak from experience of just how wonderful this little venue is. The auditorium is beautiful, nestled into the converted church, giving a good view of the stage from anywhere and the café offers a wide range of drinks, food, and sweet treats. The venue is welcoming and friendly, and clearly very popular.

As the venue relies wholly on ticket sales, café takings, some valuable corporate sponsors, and the support of their members through the friendship scheme and volunteering, they need as much support as they can get. The financial aid they received from the Arts Council during the pandemic has now ended, along with the support from TWBC, meaning that they had to make the difficult decision in 2021 to reduce the staffing. A new management team is now setting out new priorities to combine the broad programme with a greater focus on income generation in the hope of making the theatre more robust and financially self-sufficient.

Before the end of the financial year, Trinity Theatre has a huge challenge to face, needing to raise at £100,000 to meet their short term cashflow needs to underpin the budget going forwards. Whilst it is understood that times are hard, any donations will be greatly appreciated.

You can donate to Trinity Theatre here


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