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  • Isabella Hayden

Six The Musical Review

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Since I first heard the soundtrack on Spotify a few years ago, I have been an enormous fan of Six the Musical, and have been to see the show three times. Astonishingly, Six was written by two Cambridge University students and first premiered in a small venue in Edinburgh. Despite its humble beginnings, Six has won multiple big musical awards and as gone on to play in the West End and on Broadway.

Six the Musical is about the famous six wives of Henry VIII, however it focuses its attention more of them as six individuals rather than simply generalising them as the wives of a famous and much talked about king. Furthermore, the musical is formed in a very modern way, using language mentioned of current day technology and modern language. Unlike many other musicals, Six has more music than talking, giving it a more unique style and making it more like a concert made up of sassy pop songs telling the six wives' stories.

The first thing that always strikes me with this production is the phenomenal dance routines and the performances that are always delivered flawlessly. To add to that, every time that I have seen Six, the cast members have had angelic voices hitting high notes effortlessly and singing through all their songs whilst still perfectly remembering their complicated dance routines.

The show runs for 75 minutes straight through, without an interval, with nine songs performed within this time. I adore the mixture of upbeat, loud and funny songs such as 'Don't Loose Your Head' whilst balancing this out with more emotional, heartfelt songs such as 'Heart of Stone'

Overall, I 100% recommend going to see Six the Musical. It's upbeat and exciting storyline also educates whilst entertaining with it's remarkable singing, acting and dancing.

Tickets to see Six the Musical in London, at the Vaudeville Theatre, are available here

Image taken by the writer during the show's finale when photography is encouraged


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