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Weekly Theatre News Round Up - September 27 - October 4

The news that has had theatre land talking this week includes

Further casting announced for Jack and the Beanstalk at the London Palladium

Further casting has been announced for Jack and the Beanstalk, a pantomime spectacular which will run at the iconic London Palladium from 10 December to 15 January

The usual palladium pantomime cohort of Julian Clary, Paul Zerdin, Nigel Havers and Gary Wilmot will star alongside the just announced Louis Gaunt as Jack, Natalie McQueen as Princess Jill and Rob Madge as Pat the Cow.

New casting announced for West End production of Six

New casting has been announced for the west end production of Six, with Rhianne-Louise McCaulsky joining as Catherine of Aragon, Baylie Carson joining as Anne Boleyn and Koko Basigara joining as Katherine Howard. Monique Ashe-Palmer joins as alternate Aragon/Cleaves alongside Leah Vassal as alternate Seymour/Parr and Danielle Rose as alternate Boleyn/Howard.

They join current cast members Claudia Kariuki, Dionne Ward-Anderson and Roxanne Couch as Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleaves and Catherine Parr. Swings Rachel Rawlinson and Esme Rather also continue in their roles.

The new cast will have their first performance on 18 October.

Bugsy Malone to run in London.

It has been announced that the current touring production of Bugsy Malone will run in London this Christmas

The show will run at the Alexandra Palace Theatre from 3 December to 15 January before continuing its tour through February

It will star the touring cast.

New casting announced for Mamma Mia! The Party

A new cast joined Mamma Mia! The Party this week.

The new cast includes Javier Rasero as Nikos, Scarlet Gabriel as Debbie, Luke Friend as Adam, Noah Sinigaglia as Konstantina, Rosie Rowlands as Bella at certain performances, Jamie Birkett, Caline Hampartzoumian, Robban Hogstrom, and Maison Kelley.

They join Lorraine Chappell continues in the role of Kate, Dawn Spence as Grandma, Allie Ho Chee as Bella (at certain performances), Claudia Bradley and Ellis Dackombe. Tamara Perks as Nina, and Oscar Balmaseda as Fernando.

The musicians are John Donovan, Luke Higgins, Kathryn Tindall, Steve Rushton and Luke Roberts.

Imelda Staunton confirms Hello Dolly! Plans

Imelda Staunton has confirmed this week that, despite being disrupted by the pandemic, she is still set to appear as Dolly in Hello Dolly in London.

Speaking to Deadline, she confirmed that she will take on the role after filming the final season of Netflix’s The Crown. The show is thought to be opening sometime in 2024 with further details unknown.


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